Adopted in 1993 by the founding members of Christ Church, our vision continues to be relevant today. We believe that Christ Church is God's church, and we desire to follow God where He leads. Believing that God calls His people to live by faith, to have the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things unseen, we believe that God's vision is for Christ Church to be:

  • A place where everyone is welcomed in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. Where forgiveness abounds and encouragement thrives.
  • A place where the Good News of Jesus Christ can be shared with the residents of not only our nearby community, but all of Northern Virginia.
  • A place where thousands of people are welcomed into the life, ministry and mission of the church. A church family that laughs and cries together and lives in harmony with one another.
  • A place where every believer will be equipped to use their spiritual gifts in ministry at home, work and play.
  • A place where every believer will be nurtured and discipled into spiritual maturity through Bible study, retreats, seminars and faith groups.
  • A place from where at least one missionary in every continent around the world will be sent or supported, and a church that will send thousands of our members, adult and youth, as short-term missionaries both in the United States and around the world.
  • A place that births another church somewhere in Northern Virginia.
  • A place on enough land to be a regional church. A church with attractive, efficient facilities for worship, Christian education, a Christian school, youth center, counseling center and elder care.