Am I A Real Christian?

Series: If I Could Tell You One Thing...Scripture in the Wesleyan Way

Am I A Real Christian?

August 04, 2019 | Abi Foerster

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Whenever we have formative experiences, we are inclined to have significant things to share about what we have learned, where there was room to grow, and what we could tell others.  When it comes to our faith, there are many complex and yet, crucial things worth sharing.  Questions not limited to "Why is the Christian Life so hard?", "How can I be saved?", and "What does the Bible have to say about money?"  

Join us in this insightful series as we hear from our pastors and other guests who are no strangers to Christ Church as we share how we have grown into an understanding of how we tackle these questions drawing from ministry experience, conversations, and challenges.  

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