What We Believe

At Christ Church we firmly believe that every individual is a child of God (Galatians 3:26), every individual is made perfectly in His image (Psalm 139:14), and that with God we have limitless possibilities (Luke 1:37).

Our Possibilities Ministry seeks to engage individuals with different abilities and their families by…

Loving God: Providing support and unique opportunities to allow every individual to learn about God in unique and meaningful ways and develop a loving relationship with Him.

Loving others: Fostering inclusive and meaningful opportunities to grow and develop connections within our church family and local communities.

Living out the gospel life: Supporting each individual as they identify their strengths and turn their faith in to action through serving others.

Our Vision: Inspiring a love of Christ while creating a meaningful and inclusive community for individuals of all abilities.


Preschool and Kindergarten at Greentree Christian School 
We offer an inclusive environment and education for children ages 17 months – full day Kindergarten. We welcome your child’s team here at our school (personal care attendant, ABA therapists, related service providers for therapy, etc.) and will attend public school or other team meetings alongside you as well. Our director of Possibilities, Brooke Varma, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over a decade of experience supporting children and families educationally. Mrs. Varma works closely with our preschool Director, Heather Greene, and you to provide loving support and academic success.

Kids and Youth Ministry (Sunday and Wednesday)
Do you have a child or youth that may need additional support to fully participate in one of our age-specific ministries? We would love the opportunity to support them on their faith journey here at Christ Church! We can provide supports such as professional observations, classroom and lesson modification, accommodation and 1:1 Possibilities Mentors.  As a team we will work together to meet your child or youth where they are and provide inclusive support so they can fully participate in all aspects of these great Ministries!

Adults (Sunday, Wednesday, Monthly respite)
Possibilities Club at 11:00 every Sunday: This is an opportunity for adults who would benefit from hearing the sermon series in a unique way. Each sermon is adapted using multi-sensory approaches in a supportive environment.

Wednesday Night Dinner: This is a fully inclusive, family and group home friendly environment for all that typically takes place from September through May. Join us for dinner and stay for our Inclusive Creative Faith small group. In our small group we focus on a bible verse and use journaling bibles and/or crafting paper to express that verse through art.

Monthly respite events: An engaging afternoon of connecting with other adults! We provide a supportive and engaging environment with fun, food, crafts, games, and more.

Church-wide events 
Whenever you see a Christ Church event we want you to know you are welcome and will be supported. We do our best to create meaningful accommodations so that everyone can participate fully. We also welcome the opportunity to work with you directly and ensure your whole family feels confident and comfortable!

Volunteer and Service Hours Opportunities
We offer opportunities for volunteering and for completing service hours within our Ministry.

Please contact the Director of Possibilities Ministry, Brooke Varma, LCSW, to learn more about these opportunities. 

Group Supported Employment 
As we seek to become a meaningful and inclusive community for individuals of all abilities we are excited to share our heart to begin Group Supported Employment through Fairfax County right here at Christ Church! We are in the process to become a vendor for this service and appreciate your prayers and patience.

The Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board describes Group Supported Employment as a service that provides individuals with intellectual disability intensive job placement assistance for off‐site, supervised contract work and competitive employment in the community.

Areas of opportunity for Group Supported Employment at Christ Church may include teachers aids in Greentree Christian School, Campus Care and custodial opportunities, and working in our Coffee Bar.