Do you have questions about life? Are you “in sync with God, but yearning for a deeper relationship with Him” or is your spiritual state “solid, but lacking passion”? Are you simply new to the area or Christ Church and don’t know what small group to join? Do you need a safe place to ask questions about God that you’ve been afraid to ask? If you said “yes” to any of these, then perhaps Alpha is for you. 

What is Alpha? Alpha means beginning. Maybe it’s the beginning of a relationship with Jesus or a more passionate relationship with Him than you already have. Maybe it’s the beginning of meaningful connections within the church or feeling equipped to help others grow in their faith. It’s a safe place to ask those questions about God that you’ve been afraid to ask your neighbors or even your friends on Sunday. What will Alpha be the beginning of for you? 


  • Sundays, in-person, starts Sept 26, 9:30am
  • Tuesdays, online, starts Sept 28, 7:00pm
  • Alpha in Spanish, Sundays, online, starts Sept 26, 7:00pm

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Alpha is truly a transformational experience.  Even if you are already deep in your faith, Alpha will open new doors for you and make you look at God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in a whole new life.

I have many more resources to use now.  Much more grounding, foundational skills and appreciation.  This course strengthened and built on my faith.  A valuable opportunity to learn more and connect with others.
It’s been great for helping me explore and challenge my own beliefs while giving me support along the way.