Faith Essentials at Christ Church are unique class experiences that create community and strengthen your faith.  They are based on the need each of us has to grow closer to God.  We believe that we do this by responding to Jesus, embracing Jesus, becoming present, cultivating hospitality, growing in generosity, and discovering our purpose.  Every Faith Essentials class experience is based on one or more of these dimensions of our spiritual journey.  These experiences have been vetted and/or created by our pastoral staff and have a proven record of helping you grow in your faith.

Alpha is all about owning our core spiritual beliefs in a powerful community experience with the Holy Spirit at the center.  Alpha helps you to embrace Jesus. Class also offered in Spanish.  Click here for more information.

Ways to Pray

This Faith Essentials experience is designed to help you discover different prayer forms that will deepen your relationship with God. Classes begin on Wednesday, October 7th. Click here for more information.

Your New Life
God has given you new life through your faith in Jesus and has called you to grow in your faith. Based on the "Your New Life" sermon series, become equipped with practical tools that will help you to do just that. 

Teleois: Bible Study Methods to Grow Spiritually
Teleois teaches practical forms of Bible study that enriches our encounter with God in scripture, helping us to respond to Jesus in increasingly faithful ways.   

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