Faith Essentials at Christ Church are unique class experiences that create community and strengthen your faith.  They are based on the need each of us has to grow closer to God.  We believe that we do this by responding to Jesus, embracing Jesus, becoming present, cultivating hospitality, growing in generosity, and discovering our purpose.  Every Faith Essentials class experience is based on one or more of these dimensions of our spiritual journey.  These experiences have been vetted and/or created by our pastoral staff and have a proven record of helping you grow in your faith.  For questions on any of these Faith Essentials classes, please contact Pam Charbonneau here.

Alpha is all about owning our core spiritual beliefs in a powerful community experience with the Holy Spirit at the center.  Alpha helps you to embrace Jesus, whether you are just beginning your faith journey or wish to develop a deeper relationship with Him.  It's the safe place to ask all of your questions. Coming soon! Check back later for registration details.

Ways to Pray
So many of us are told that prayer can help us grow close to God, but we often get stuck. Do you feel stuck? There could be a number of reasons, but most often it's because we just don't know how to start. This Faith Essentials experience is designed to help you discover different prayer forms that will deepen your relationship with God. Coming soon! Check back later for registration details.

Teleios: Bible Study Methods to Grow Spiritually

The Apostle Paul used the Greek word Teleios to refer to the goal of Christian discipleship, that the Body of Christ would become mature and complete.  Teleios Classes are designed to produce followers of Christ who are guided by the mind of Christ, transformed into the image of Christ, and engaged in the work of Christ.  We can all grow closer in our relationship to Jesus. If you've ever been stuck or frustrated with reading scripture, Teleios - Bible Study Methods to Grow Spiritually will transform your reading from dry and academic to inspiring and full of life. Teleios is based on Rick Warren's Bible Study Methods and part of our Faith Essentials series of classes. Coming soon! Check back later for registration details.

Your New Life
God has given you new life through your faith in Jesus and has called you to grow in your faith. Your New Life will allow you to identify where you are in your faith journey, learn ways to grow closer to God, be equipped to grow in your faith, and learn of other Faith Essentials experiences that will help you embrace your new life.  Coming soon! Check back later for registration details.

Rt. 66: A Trip Through the Bible

Route 66 is a 14 week engaging journey through the Bible.  A perfect class for anyone wishing to gain comfort and familiarity with the Bible, this class is intended to be a basic overview of the entire Bible rather than focused on any specific book or scripture. This class will incorporate talks, videos, discussion and even some art to gain appreciation and interest in God’s word. Come grow closer to God by experiencing His word in a new and different way.  Coming soon! Check back later for registration details.

Life Together
We can't do the Christian life alone. God has put us in community so that we can do life together. Life Together helps you experience what a faith group offers to your spiritual journey. In addition to meeting new friends, you will have the opportunity to learn how to reflect deeply with others on how God is moving in your life right now. Based on Kevin Watson's The Class Meeting, join us online as we seek a deeper relationship with each other and the God in whom we believe.  Coming soon! Check back later for registration details.

To learn about our faith groups and to register, please click here.