Growing in Faith

When Jesus gave the apostles their mission at the end of his earthly ministry, he instructed them to go to all people, proclaim the gospel, baptize and teach them to walk in obedience with God. These men and women are commonly called disciples. Discipleship is the path we walk in honoring and living into a covenant relationship with God.

Here at Christ Church, we define a disciple as “a follower of Jesus who earnestly seeks to become more like Him.”

A key piece of your discipleship journey at Christ Church is found in two different formative experiences; Faith Essentials and Faith Groups.

Faith Essentials at Christ Church are our classes or groups that create community while also strengthening peoples’ faith. These experiences have been vetted and/or created by our pastoral staff and have a proven record of helping people grow in their faith. Our Alpha program and Ways to Pray classes fall in this category.

Faith groups at Christ Church are all about enabling our community to form relationships and nurture individuals to become faithful disciples. Groups come in many forms, but all create a space where connections form and people are challenged to take a next step to follow Jesus.

Faith Essentials and Faith Groups are our tools to help create a supportive community no matter how large our church grows.  They create a critical space to live into our mission to love God, love others, and live out the gospel life. They are relational vehicles that allow every disciple to respond to Jesus, embrace Jesus, become present, cultivate hospitality, grow in generosity, and discover their purpose in Christ.  

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