What is Christ Church Online?

We are a digital faith community that exists to make the freeing and saving grace of Jesus Christ accessible to people all over the world. Too often the church is seen as a place but it's really people. Wherever the people are, that's where the church is, and it isn't always in a physical location. We believe that a healthy and fulfilling life is all about relationships and that the God we worship meets us where we are. The online campus is all about meeting you where you are.

There are a lot of reasons you might become a part of an online community. Maybe you've been deployed or are geographically distant from a steady faith community. Maybe you're unable to leave your home because of a physical or emotional difficulty. Maybe you live in a part of the world where following Jesus as Lord is dangerous. Maybe you've been hurt by the church and this just seems safer. Whatever the reason, Christ Church Online is there to step into the gap as a community where you can grow in your faith. All you need is an internet connection and the courage to dare being church in a new way.

So how can we experience community online? There are four ways to get involved: 

  1. Join us regularly in the chat during Sunday worship on the Church Online Platform and stay connected with content during the rest of the week on our Facebook page.
  2. Participate in a discussion of Sunday's message with Living It Out on Thursdays at 7pm EST on Facebook Live or watch it anytime after the live event posts on Facebook.
  3. Start or join a life group or class (through Zoom, Facebook Group, or any text, audio, or visual medium of your choice) with people coming together from all over the country. Check out our list of groups or contact Pastor Tony with any questions at  .
  4. Become a partner in building this ministry by taking the online community survey and joining our host team for Sunday morning worship.

We are so blessed to be in community with you and we look forward to growing in our faith together so that wherever we are in the world we will "love God, love others, and live out the gospel life!"

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