About Greentree

Our Purpose is to

  • provide experiences that meet children's needs and stimulate learning through a developmentally-appropriate curriculum stressing physical, cognitive, emotional, intellectual, creative and spiritual growth.
  • appreciate each child’s different level of abilities and development.
  • design appropriate activities that facilitate individual learning styles.
  • make children active participants in their learning process through hands-on and sensory involvement.


It takes children varying degrees of time to master skills or take developmental steps. Our objectives are to help each child:

  • develop healthy self-esteem
  • feel comfortable expressing his or her ideas
  • develop language
  • enjoy exploration and concentration
  • make choices and complete tasks
  • accept and follow directions
  • enjoy and respect friends
  • learn about and experience Christ's unconditional love for all people

Teaching Methods

  • Our program is organized to achieve distinct developmental milestones, while matching expectations and teaching practices to each child's stage of physical/mental growth and skill level.
  • Recognizing how differently children learn, we use a variety of instructional methods including tactile/hands-on, and experiential learning. Our curriculum engages personal, physical, and sensory involvement.
  • Children have daily opportunities to develop large muscle skills, learn about outdoor environments, and express themselves freely and loudly.
  • Artistic expression and appreciation are presented through art and music. We offer a variety of art media for creative expression.
  • Students examine, explore and experience their world through an exciting, hands-on science curriculum.
  • Planning and review systems, adapted to developmental levels, are at work in each classroom. Children learn how to make creative choices, help plan their learning days, and accept increasing responsibility.
  • Two-teacher classrooms allow for greater exploration, individualization, and nurturing for children.
  • Greentree instructors teach through discovery, and strive to create challenging and supportive classrooms.


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