I often reflect on how far God has brought us as a church. The impact of our church on the lives of thousands of people across the globe continues to amaze me.

Logically, the safe thing to do would be to stay content with what we currently have as part of our Ministry Plan. We easily could just continue the things we are doing to make an impact for the Kingdom. But I believe that God is calling us to even Greater Things in 2019.

Below is our ministry budget for next year that I believe succinctly lays out the financial goals for us as a church. Please take your time to read through this plan so you can see where our financial resources come from and how they are invested in the lives of people.

A couple of things to keep in mind: the budget presented below has not increased from 2018 except for a small pay increase for staff, since they did not receive an increase in 2018, and some minimal increases in health benefits. I believe we can accomplish many more things with the staff base we have in place.

However, we do have an amazing opportunity that literally just came to us in the last few months. Our neighbors have given us right of first refusal to purchase their home and property. The property, which is approximately five acres, lies between us and our friends at Temple B’nai Shalom. The property would allow us the opportunity to do things in the future, such as create a respite care space for adults with special needs, provide additional parking, and may even serve the community as a wedding venue. I think this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us as a congregation, and it would be wise for us to take advantage of it if possible.

By increasing our cash reserves to $600,000, we will be able to renegotiate our current loan to terms that reduce our interest payments significantly. We then can use this savings to reduce the principal on our debt.

As part of the Christ Church family, your giving—or as I refer to it as tithes and offerings—has huge potential. Everything we do at Christ Church is to help us follow the God-given mission to Love God, Love Others, and Live Out the Gospel Life. Your financial support funds programs for our children, youth, young adults, families, differently abled, men and women as well as Celebrate Recovery, community projects, our work in Kenya and a lot more.

I want to challenge you to ask God to help you stretch your level of financial commitment so that together we can reach our full potential. Greater things are coming!

Our annual Ministry Plan is more than a budget—it's a plan to impact and change lives. Each dollar is vital in fulfilling our church's mission of helping all people to Love God, Love Others and Live Out the Gospel Life.




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