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At Christ Church, we know that God didn't call us to walk our spiritual journey alone.  Faith groups create a supportive community no matter how large our church grows and really help you to live into your calling to love God, love others, and live out the gospel life.  Being part of a faith group means you will become more willing and eager to respond to Jesus, embrace Jesus, become present, cultivate hospitality, grow in generosity, and discover your purpose in Christ.

Faith groups take many different forms, but they are all meant to help you grow in your faith.  The most common types of faith groups are:

  • Affinity (Share activity or hobby)
  • Support (Share life circumstance)
  • Bible Study
  • Missional (Shared calling or passion)
  • Serve Team (Share service at the church, like hospitality)
  • Sermon Discussion

No one type of group is better than any other type.  Each type of group represents different places along our spiritual journey where growth can occur.  What makes each a faith group is a commitment to exploring the faith, growing in the faith, and building community.  Each faith group lives this out by reflecting on scripture and praying together.  We believe strongly that scripture and prayer are two regular rhythms that do more than any other spiritual activity to help you explore and grow in faith as well as build community. No matter where you are on your faith journey, there is a faith group waiting to welcome you.

For our current and future semester schedules and frequently asked questions about faith groups, click here.

Want to start a faith group? 

We want to help. We can help you get resources, support and more.

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