Living It Out with Pastor Tony and Jennifer Deschanel

Living It Out with Pastor Tony and Jennifer Deschanel
Wednesday, September 22, 2021, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Living It Out on Facebook Live is all about discussing topics complementary to our sermon series, with guest speakers to share personal stories and enrich our engagement of the topic.  Need more to engage your faith than a sermon recap? Check out a new season of Living It Out! 

Join in on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.  Find us on the Christ Church Facebook page, or click here.

Topic:  Biblical Restitution 

Making restitution for wrongs committed is something that comes up in the Bible quite a lot. God is deeply concerned with issues of justice and longs for us to right the many wrongs in our world. But we can't be effective in that work unless we right the wrongs in our own lives. The good news is we're not alone. The Holy Spirit is at work in our hearts, making it possible to right our wrongs. Join Pastor Tony and Jennifer Deschanel for a discussion around how people righted the wrongs they committed in scripture and how we can use these lessons to cooperate with the Spirit's redeeming influence in our lives today.

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