Living It Out with Pastor Tony and Jennifer Deschanel

Living It Out with Pastor Tony and Jennifer Deschanel
Wednesday, May 12, 2021, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Living It Out on Facebook Live is back after a fresh re-imagining. Among the changes are:

  • discussions around topics complementary to our sermon series;
  • the inclusion of guest speakers to share personal stories and enrich our engagement of the topic; and,
  • a more focused bi-monthly occurrence on a new day. 

Need more to engage your faith than a sermon recap? Check out a new season of Living It Out! 

LIVING IT OUT HAS MOVED! Find us now on our main Christ Church Facebook page, or click here.

Topic:  Please Plead the Fifth

We continue our series focusing on how we strengthen our relationships with God and each other by living into the Ten Commandments. This week, our topic will be on the fifth commandment: "Honor thy father and mother." It is the first commandment that focuses on loving others. Join us as we explore ways to honor the diversity of families in all their beautiful and complex and even painful manifestations and how this commandment often starts in our earliest years.

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