Sermon Series

Gospel Truth in Dr. Seuss

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Oh, the places we will go! Ever considered discovering more about the Christian life through the lens of the wild and wacky Dr. Seuss? Join us in worship as we explore the topics of faithfulness, evangelism and discipleship... with a little green eggs and ham on the side.

Fishing Stories of Jesus

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When we read the gospels, we learn that some of the most astounding stories about Jesus take place on or near the water. Whether he's teaching, calling his disciples, or performing a miracle, these stories usually have something to do with fishing. Whenever the disciples were fishing and Jesus showed up, they always came to see Jesus and each other in a new way. This new perspective changed everything. We can learn a lot about what it means to be a disciple of Christ by taking a closer look at these stories and asking: what does it mean for me to be a fisher of men and women?

Join us as we explore the fishing stories of Jesus, from the beginning to the end of his earthly ministry, and come to a better understanding of what being a disciple is all about.