Sermon Series

More Than Enough

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We live in a culture of always wanting more.  Or we might think of it this way: Enough is never enough.  We long for something beyond immediate satisfaction.  We ache for tangible results.  Although we have a God who cannot be defined by the limits of enough, we sometimes find ourselves settling for expectations that only seem to meet our own needs and not the needs of the greater kingdom.
So much of our life together as Christians centers around the table.  Through the gathering of friends over a meal, we grow in faith, we celebrate life's joys, we share our deepest struggles, but we always come back to the amazing gift that is God's provision.  Jesus tells us that he is the Bread of Life and by grace alone, we are sustained by such a claim.  And so let's walk together in this series as we remind ourselves that we are always guests at the party of a host whose mercy and love extend to us time and time again.