Sermon Series

God With Us

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Immanuel...God With Us.  At the site of a lowly manger, we encounter a hope that casts out all our fears.  The fears that the prophets named in the Old Testament and the very same fears that confronted Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds that O holy night.  What did this child mean for them and why does this child's entrance into our world still give us something to talk about?  Join us this Advent season as we anticipate the fullness of God that comes to us in the Christ child.  The thrill of hope that continues to break into a world living in darkness. 


We need many helping hands and willing hearts to enjoy a worshipful experience as we celebrate the birth of our savior. Help us create this hospitable environment by sacrificing a bit of your time to serve on or before Christmas Eve. There are a variety of volunteer roles available, including baking cookies, directing traffic, welcoming our guests, serving drinks and goodies at the cafe, providing love and care for our little ones in the nursery, and offering off-site hospitality to our online worshipers. View the full list of volunteer options online and sign up today.

5 Languages of Apology

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Jesus reminds us constantly that forgiveness and love are at the heart of our faith, especially in the context of our relationships with others.  Sounds simple at first, right?  But it may be one of the most difficult things we are called to do.  

We can choose to mend our broken relationships through healthy forms of apology or else we go through life full of unhealthy grudges that wound us only further.  How do we know what those steps towards healing look like for each person and when do realize that for some, "sorry" doesn't always cut it?  Join us this season as we discuss ways of letting Christ be the center in healing our broken relationships through the lens of Dr. Gary Chapman's Five Languages of Apology.