Sermon Series

Life's Healing Choices

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The Beatitudes are one of the premier starting points from which our love of one another takes shape.  These timeless messages that Jesus proclaims inform our life together as people who belong to the Body of Christ.  A Body that tends to itself when its members are hurt, broken, or stuck.  

Life's Healing Choices invites us to journey together through the Beatitudes, naming our brokenness, but allowing others to come alongside of us toward a place of healing.  

I didn't learn that in Sunday School

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Our Scriptural canon is filled with the incredible, the amazing, the difficult, and the inspiring stories of God and God's people.  We talk a lot about parables, Paul's letters, and famous kings, but did you know about some of the more obscure passages that likely didn't show up on your Sunday school flannel board?

As we seek to grow in our love of God, we trust that what we find in God's Word will give us the tools to do so, even in through the most peculiar of stories!  Join us for this series as we dive into the stories that spark our curiosity and invite us to consider more about our understanding of God.