Sermon Series

Greater Things

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We have a dynamic God who has and continues to be intimately involved in the mission and ministry of Christ Church!  From the planting of an idea for a church to meet in Silverbrook Elementary to the 21st century, Christ Church has been a foundation for God to do amazing things throughout our journey.

Join us as we celebrate the past and continue to respond to how God is leading us forward through bold and courageous ministry.  The best is yet to come!

Living Water

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Water shows up time and time again in the Bible, from the ordering of the waters in Genesis to the river of life in Revelation.  Not only is water something ordinary, but it is also the very thing that sustains us in life.  In our baptism, we are washed by the waters of Jesus who is the living water.  To know that his life, death, and resurrection are the very foundation upon which our faith is built is to live out the gospel life with hope and confidence.  

Dive in with us this summer as we reclaim those reminders of God's ever-flowing grace and mercy in stories of water and life.