Sermon Series

Defeating the Enemy

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Many of us encounter events and situations throughout our lives that either compete for our attention on God or that attempt to distort our understanding of God.  What do we do in the face of evil?  What foundations do we have in Scripture to draw upon when confronting the things in our world that are displays of the Enemy?    

Join us as we unpack what it means to put on the armor of God and as we explore how we remain rooted in our Christian beliefs and practices in the midst of the darkest of times. 

Seen and Heard

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Sometimes the pressures around us or the shame that fills our society and culture can lump us in with the rest of the crowd.  And yet, so much of Jesus' ministry is about drawing those individuals out from the crowd and into community.  The Church is called to be a reflection of Christ, but we have to ensure that all experience the free and saving grace of God without barriers.