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God's Unfolding Dream

There was a time when some of my friends from high school and college asked why I wanted to go into pastoral ministry. That's a fair question. It isn't a want, exactly. Rather, it is a calling that fills me with life. It is what I humbly believe I was created to do. In some ways, it was inevitable the minute I experienced the truth of the gospel message years ago in the midst of a loving community.

Ministry, for me, is all about those moments when one person tells me that what I've said has shattered a stronghold of fear in their life and another reveals that my story of reconciliation led him to reconcile with his wife. It is about encouraging people to ask the hard questions and opening up their eyes to new insights they had never considered.

These are the moments that I live for because what I want, more than anything, is for other people to experience the new life that has energized me. To put it simply, my purpose is to equip, inspire, encourage, and challenge others to be everything God has created them to be.

It took me many years to understand this about myself and these words can hardly do justice to what I'm attempting to express. What is most important, however, is that I am exactly where I need to be in this season of my life, and that being in pastoral ministry is a big step in the process of becoming the person God always intended me to be.

We are all called into ministry. It may not be pastoral ministry, but God has given you talents and gifts to grow into. Coupled with your life circumstances, your experiences, there is nobody else quite like you. This means you have a unique contribution to make that nobody else can make for you.

How has God inspired you, in your own unique way, and what are you going to do to faithfully live it out?

That is the question we all need to consider. As we do, we come to understand that our lives are unfolding mysteries, a dream in the mind of our God becoming reality as we faithfully respond to everything we have received.

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