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Letter from Pastor John 4/21/17

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Dear Christ Church Family,


Thank you for being a part of our great Easter weekend worship.  More than 2000 people worshiped with us, including approximately 100 people who worshiped with us for the first time.  The hospitality you showed to our guests made lasting impressions. 


Also last weekend, after announcing our Rise Against Hunger campaign, which will take place Friday evening, June 9, and Saturday morning, June 10, 18,147 meals were given.  When combined with a pledge from your church staff to fund a minimum of 15,000 meals, we have a total of 33,147 meals, which is 13.26% of our church goal of 250,000 meals.  Be sure to mark the dates on your calendar now and talk with your family about what you will contribute to Rise Against Hunger.


As many of you know, we have a school in Kenya, “Hope Education Center,” where 280 students attend.  The people of Christ Church bought the land and have built the first floor of the building.  In Kenya, most students never go to high school, which perpetuates a cycle of poverty.  Our school is breaking that cycle.  The students and parents are taught the importance of education.  We, at Christ Church, partner with the parents to send our best students on to high school.  Recently, I received thank you letters from students receiving support from Christ Church.  I want to share two of them with you.  (Note:  English is their third language, and I am typing the letters exactly as they were written.)

Thanks to my sponsors.

First of all I want to take this opportunity to thank you for what you have done.  You have sponsored me and my school in some events and activities.  For example, I never thought of going to an educational trip, but one day I did so because of your assistance.  I appreciate and give plenty of thanks to you and other missionaries who sponsored me and other students.

As you know that in secondary school, I am putting more effort in my studies to attain the best grades.  I got a B- of 780 marks.  I want to put more effort to improve in my studies. I want to be a pilot of what my dreams say.  In school, I attend our Christian Union program.  I am a strong Christian.  My best subjects are English, Chemistry and Mathematics.

In my background I only have my father, but I am not staying in his home.  I am staying in my aunt’s home.  My aunt adopted me when I was a child.  When my father tells me how he did so, it is because my mother had ran away and left me.  Now I have my father, three cousins and my aunt.  My father is not able.  I want to thank you for sponsoring me in high school.  I appreciate so much.

Your’s faithful,
Marley Atoni Arasa

Dear Sponsor,

May I take this brilliant opportunity to thank you for the assistance you have been taking through my schooling.  Since I entered high school, you have been paying my school fees.  May God bless the work of your hands.

My schooling started falling as my mother and younger brother died on the same day.  I have a father, elder brother and younger brother and sister.  You have been building the dreams in my life of knowledge and wisdom and I believe that God shall never forget you.

I am still working hard and achieved a score of 463 at position 189 out of 266.  I promise that I will work harder to achieve my best.  May you receive showers of blessings as you are helping me improve my academic standard.  May God guide you through your paths.  Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Clifford Kamanda

 I hope that you read those letters and recognize that these students are in school because of your generosity and the grace of God that flows through the Christ Church family.  Over the weeks ahead, I’ll be sharing more letters.

This Monday I’ll be leading a group of 35 from Christ Church on a trip to the Holy Land.  We are going to Jordan and Israel, and some of us are going on to Rome to see significant sites associated with the apostles Peter and Paul.  If the technology works as planned, we will join you in worship on Sunday, April 30, by Skype from the shore of the Sea of Galilee, and on Sunday, May 7, from Rome.  Please join me in praying for a safe and blessed trip. 

 See you this weekend in worship as I kick off a new series we are calling Masquerade.  It is a new, fresh look at the “Seven Deadly Sins” and how we, as Christians, can live out from behind a mask.

Love from your pastor,

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