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Letter from Pastor John 1/12/18

Dear Christ Church Family,

 Many of you know that for the past five or six years, Christ Church has played a major role in staffing the Hypothermia Shelter at our sister church, Rising Hope, located north of Fort Belvoir just off Route One.  Every Sunday night from November through February, and every Monday night in March, the people of Christ Church provide food, shelter and care for up to 24 homeless men and women.  In order to care for these people, it takes roughly 25 volunteers each week.  Here’s what we do:

3 people provide a dinner entrée
3 people provide salads
3 people provide side dishes
3 people provide a dessert
1 person provides drinks (water, juice, iced tea, etc.)
3 people serve the dinner
3 people provide breakfast for the next morning
2 people provide milk and juice for breakfast
4 people stay the night as chaperones

 Among the many wonderful people at Christ Church who selflessly volunteer to serve at the shelter, every year members of the Christ Church staff also volunteer to spend the night.  This year Brian Greene and Milton Zapata will be chaperones on Sunday, January 21, and Pastor Ryan, Pastor Tony, Jeff Kimmel and I will be staying the night on Sunday, February 25.  As proud as I am of my staff members for leading by example, I am most humbled by one of the newest members of our church family, Morgan Sandoval.  Morgan has volunteered to spend the night at the shelter every Sunday night from December through February!  Recently, Morgan posted the following:

 “So last Sunday I signed up and volunteered to spend the night at Rising Hope Mission Church, in the building that they are using as a Hypothermia Shelter.  And let me tell you, this was a whole new experience for me.  Not only was this the first time volunteering in the community, but it was an eye-opening experience.  It made me see and realize not only how blessed I am, but how much we receive love and blessings from God each and every day.  But even with all the blessings in the world that the Lord sends us, some people end up in bad situations for one reason or another, and this includes homelessness.  On Sunday, there were 24 homeless men and women whom we were able to provide a roof, four walls, good, healthy, hot food—both dinner and breakfast—along with things like gloves, socks, toiletries and HOPE.  Unfortunately, sometimes for people in situations like this, WE are their only hope.  Christ Church has been working with Rising Hope to provide food, shelter and chaperones, but if three chaperones do not sign up, Fairfax County will not allow them to open the shelter.  Can you imagine being homeless in such cold weather with no warm place to sleep?”

 Thank you, Morgan, and thank you to everyone at Christ Church who helps to care for the “least, last and lonely.”  If you are interested in providing a meal or spending the night as a chaperone, please click *HERE*.  If you would like more information on how you can help, please email Gloria Gharib at .

 This is just one more reason that I love being your pastor!

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