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Young Adult Spotlight: Sarah

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When her mother passed away from Cancer, Sarah turned to God and prayed for strength and guidance. It was then that she accepted Jesus into her heart. After an emotional divorce, she turned to God once again. Sarah wanted to be a part of a Christian community where she could build strong relationships. Her marriage left her feeling undeserving and unworthy of love, because she had always measured herself by what others thought of her. Three years ago she started attending Christ Church with her Dad, George Nuber, and shortly thereafter, she plugged into an Alpha class.

Although an introvert by nature, Sarah gradually began to feel more comfortable. She realized she needed to heal, but couldn’t do it on her own. She knew she needed to rely on God to help her. Soon she felt the Holy Spirit at work bringing more and more people into her life to pray for her. Gradually, Sarah found her identity in Christ, and for the first time she could see herself as God sees her. She began to understand that life is messy and everyone has his or her own share of hardship.

Sarah joined the Young Adult Ministry to become involved in a faith-based community, and finally build those strong relationships. Recently, she felt called to share her story in the hopes of helping others. She says, “I believe God honors and redeems us when we are completely open and honest about our struggles.” Sarah discovered there was great healing in telling her story.” Within the Young Adult group at Christ Church, God has provided Sarah a ‘Safe Place’ where she can share her past troubles, without fear of judgment. She enjoys the many social events and the friends she’s met though the Young Adult Ministry. But most of all, having people to pray for, has given her the opportunity to serve and fellowship.

Sarah has come a long way, she recognizes that living a life seeking the approval of others only creates a life of disappointment. And she admits she’s still healing, but her journey of faith is ongoing... “My purpose is to glorify God in all that I do. I know that sounds good, and living it out has its challenges, but God is building courage and boldness in me!”