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A community as large and vibrant as Christ Church needs many volunteers to run! This is where you can come in and lend a helping hand. Serve your Christ Church family, and connect with other faithful members, all while having fun! Below are some of the opportunities to serve the Christ Church community.

Campus Support

It takes a lot of volunteers to keep our campus looking great and operating properly. Some of our jobs require background knowledge but most of them just require a willing heart and a few hours.


Part of being a family is supporting each other in good times and in times of need. Our care teams provide encouragement, comfort and hope when members of our church family are hurting. Those who are spiritually gifted in compassion and servanthood don't ask, "Should I help?" but instead focus on how to help.


Are you a social media guru? Can you bend Photoshop and Illustrator to your every whim and will? Do you have a knack for design, and an eye for finding the right color combination for the current sermon series? Then we want you! The Communications team is in charge of almost every visual element you see at church and almost everything you see on this website and our social media channels. 


As believers, it is our responsibility to model and mentor Christ-like behavior in others through relationship, teaching and service.  As you grow in your faith and spiritual journey, consider stepping up to a leadership role in a small group, mission or ministry.


Whether someone is coming to Christ Church the first time or the thousandth, we want this to be a warm and comforting port in the storm of life. Countless intentional details make up the total hospitality experience.


The Kids Ministry needs your help this school year to run our programs. Please consider signing up to fill a few of the many needs we have! Choose from a variety of roles, and pick what works best for you. We'll provide the lesson and materials as well as training and background checks.


Do you ever see people on stage during Sunday worship and think, “They must be professionals”? Granted, they perform at professional levels, but they’re volunteers… just like you.


Do you want to play a critical role in the spiritual formation of teens? Do you have no problem with late nights, and messy games? Did you have a formative experience when you were a youth and have been wanting to pay it forward? Then youth ministry serve is for you.

Ready to serve? Fill out the form below and let us know where you'd like to serve!

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